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protech it solutions about us
In a world where several things are going on at once and even technology gives people "inability to connect.” Do you find yourself wondering how to react with life’s fast changing innovations?

Put your worries away because WE are here for you…

Protech IT Solutions is an Online PC Support Solution that provides services to residential and small to medium size businesses World Wide.

Our Mission

We work to achieve the type of service that would elevate the quality o f technical support and customer care worldwide. It is in our best interest to ensure 100% satisfaction of our service from the simplest to the most complex issues using state of the art technology such as software and upgraded licensed tools. It is in our overwhelming passion and obsession to technology which makes our service competitive and unlimited worldwide…

Our Vision

To provide service to the biggest margin of customers not only in the western world but globally as well. Mostly comprises of residential and small to medium size businesses where computer problems become a sickness that needs to be cured.

Strength and Opportunities

As we grove to be recognized as one of the most outstanding online PC support centers in the world, one of ProTech’s strengths is our ability to save our customers time and money. With the support of remote access software, our certified technician can check customer’s computer, see if there’s any problem and provide expert opinion needed through telephone conversation by calling our hot line at NO COST. After the assessment or in the event that the computer requires professional maintenance and assistance, only then we will offer our world class service and affordable all in one package.

Assuring safety and security to our customers’ computers and providing excellent customer care will give us a vast opportunity to further increase our market through word of mouth advertisement and effective referral programs. It is at this confidence as well that we’re gearing up to develop an application that would further enhance computers performance. Providing peace of mind to our customers that a certified computer expert maintains their computers safety and BEST PERFORMANCE is ProTech’s number one priority.

Due to overwhelming demands of security for mobile devices and other high end gadgets, ProTech is also committed in developing a sophisticated and the most advanced security system that will not only limit us in computer support but in all mobile and top of the line devices as well.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Why should I choose ProTech I.T. Solutions?

    ProTech I.T. Solutions is one of the leading PC support companies providing help by each and every means.
  • My computer is running fine, why do I need your services?

    Computer a machine and like all other machines, it needs maintenance. Computers are intelligent machines, thus they require systematic servicing and maintenance. The performance of your computer can be affected badly and can even breakdown if not well taken care of and maintained.
  • What certifications make your technicians the specialists?

    All our technicians are ProTech I.T. Solutions certified and they are highly experienced in providing all type of support on Windows based laptops and desktops.
  • What general procedure the ProTech I.T. Solutions technician takes to resolve the error?

    Our ProTech I.T. Solutions Certified Technicians will try to resolve the problems through telephonic conversation and if the solution needs more than few technical steps, then they will take over on the PC with the help of Remote Access Software (Team Viewer Secure) and troubleshoot the issue/s.
  • Is remote computer support better than traditional support options?

    Yes, in this procedure the customer has to just sit back and relax. They can comfortably leave the issue on our Certified Technicians as they are so expert in resolving the issues and they take relevant steps and try to solve the issue/s as soon as possible.
  • Is it easy and secure to use?

    Yes, it is very easy as you would not be installing the software on the PC. It will be a small flash file which will be uninstalled once the troubleshooting is done. The desktop support expert will do everything in-front of you, virtually on your screen and with your permission only.
  • Do you guarantee your work?

    We take utmost care to resolve any kind of issue as far as Customer’s PC is turning on. (Most of the work which can be done with Remote Assistance)
  • Are you 24x7 available?

    Are you 24x7 available?
  • How can I subscribe for ProTech I.T. Solutions?

    You can register online or call us at this number +1877-248-3385, and one of our Customer Care Executives would be more than happy to assist you.
  • I have not faced any problem in my system till date then why should I take your services?

    Everyday there are hundreds of viruses, spywares, adware and malware created to hack the PC, which captures user data, infect files, phishing user information, etc. Most of the time, users are not aware if one of those software is running in the background or not. This is why they need some kind of Technical Support available at all times.
  • How can u assure me that my problem will be resolved?

    ProTech I.T. Solutions dedicated Technical Support Executives take every call with a mission to resolve the issue on the same call. If not completed immediately we will call back again till the problem is resolved and then only the ticket is closed.
  • What is the qualification of the tech support executive?

    All of the Technical Support Executives are ProTech I.T. Solutions Certified and they have good amount of experience in troubleshooting various issues.
  • I have installed new software after which my computer started giving trouble; will your company support me?

    Our professionals are well versed with the software related scenarios. We support the latest as well as the legacy operating systems. We can assist in resolving the various error messages;
  • What are the critical areas which you will take care of during the contract?

    1.Search, Suggest & Eradicate viruses, worms and malicious contents which have invaded into your PC. 2.Scan, Suggest & Update Anti-virus Software and other PC Protection Tools. 3.Analyze & Perform Standard PC maintenance & schedule Windows updates/patches. 4.Provide Support in back-up processes. 5.To prevent document, images, data etc. losses while transferring data from one PC to another. 6.Set up home and small office networks (including Wireless Networks) – keeping in mind latest security. 7.Troubleshoot & Resolve Email and Software problems. 8.Troubleshoot & Resolve Printer, Scanner, Digital Camera and other peripheral problems. 9.Set up & Assist with Mp3 Players (iPods, Zens), iPads and other Smart Devices. 10.Set Up, Configure Application Software, Hardware & Devices. 11.Troubleshoot & Fix Error Messages, Frozen Screens, Blue Screen Errors
  • Will I get any benefit if I refer someone to you?

    Yes, you will get beneficiated for every referral. Please see the Referral Policy.
  • Do I Need To Download Any Software For Desktop Sharing?

    Yes a small software need to be installed for desktop sharing which is Team Viewer Secure and 128 bit encrypted. Remote Desktop Sharing is done only when customer allows the Tech Support Executive for trouble shooting. The customer can view all the activities done on the computer and can stop him at an instance of time. A log is maintained for all the activities initiated by the technician.
  • Can I Get Physical Support For My System?

    At present ProTech I.T. Solutions provides Online Support only. It is only possible to areas where ProTech has available technician. Please contact support for further details.
  • What Steps Can I Take To Protect My Children?

    Children can be just as vulnerable online as they are in the real world and it’s important that you understand the potential dangers. There are things you can do to minimize the chance of them being exposed to these dangers.